Newcomer country artist Stephanie Owens is excited to share her story with the world through her debut EP, a collection of songs that creatively captures both the raw vulnerability and bold intentionality of her personality and music.

Each of the five songs on Stephanie’s EP, all of which she co-wrote, highlight her dynamic voice and eclectic musical tastes.  Her debut single, “Heart Taker,” immediately captures listeners with its 1980s-throwback countrified groove.

“Little Girl in the Mirror,” her second single off the EP, is a poignant reflection on Stephanie’s teenage struggles with body image and identity.  She believes this song will resonate in today’s culture.  “For me, talking about my insecurities is freeing.  I used to crumble under the pressures of finding my identity and living up to my own perfectionistic expectations.  It’s definitely still a learning process, but I know now that perfection is a standard that doesn’t exist. I believe there’s so much hope to be found in knowing that every heartbreak and detour paints a beautiful picture that can inspire others.”

The next track, “Rest,” is a heartfelt ballad whose storytelling nature reveals Stephanie’s trust in the Lord throughout all circumstances, even when life does not seem to make sense.  Stephanie’s spunky nature and sense of humor shine through the swagger of “Behind the Wheel,” a catchy tune with strong country musical roots.

Her captivating vocals take center stage in the last title, “Box of Letters,” a sweet and innocent tribute to her future husband (to whom she is now married).  “I was always a hopeless romantic,” Stephanie laughs. “I started writing letters to my future husband when I was about twelve, and, over the years, I would put them in this little box for safe-keeping so that I could give them to him someday as a wedding present.”

While Stephanie’s journey of self-discovery as a singer-songwriter has been a gradual process, one could say that her move to Nashville was always bound to happen.  Growing up in a family of working musicians, her love of singing and performing developed at a very early age.  When Stephanie was only seven years old, she landed her first professional recording gig.  Quickly realized her passion, she seized every opportunity that came her way.  Around this time, she also began writing her first songs.  As a teenager, she became an avid fan of country music and was enthralled by its emotionally transparent and true-to-life messages.

During her college years, Stephanie grew more accustomed to the stage and soon began receiving recognition for her compelling voice, contagious smile, and magnetic stage presence.  No stranger to large crowds, she appeared numerous times as a featured soloist at community and university events where there were more than 10,000 people in attendance at each performance.

While in college, Stephanie also gained experience in front of the camera and in the studio.  She made her film debut when she was chosen to play the starring role of Faith Garrett in Finding Faith the movie, co-starring Erik Estrada.  The movie was released nationally in 2014 on Netflix and at Wal-Mart and other retailers.  The movie soundtrack includes Stephanie singing a featured song and a lullaby which she composed for the film.  Read more about the movie and view the trailer here.

After completing her bachelor's degree in only three years, Stephanie moved from Lynchburg, Virginia to Nashville to pursue her dream of becoming a country recording artist.  Since moving to town in 2013, Stephanie has been focused on honing her sound and on writing lyrics that honestly portray her as a person and an artist.  In 2017, Stephanie felt that she had the right songs to release and began gathering a production team for her debut EP, released on May 18, 2018. Stephanie’s music, music video, and story are receiving interest from national sources and have been highlighted by a number of websites and blogs. Her music video is featured on In October 2018, she made her national television debut on The Huckabee Show, where she performed and shared her eating disorder recovery story. Stephanie has also launched a School Assembly Program, in coordination with the National Eating Disorders Association, where she sings, shares her story, and talks about body positivity and social media pressures.

"I believe that every person has been given a unique story and gift that, when shared, can leave a legacy that echoes into eternity, so I can’t wait to start sharing songs that give a glimpse into my true story and what I'm passionate about.  I definitely want my music to be entertaining, but, more than anything, I want it to be an inspiration to those who hear it."  Enthusiastically-embracing the journey ahead, Stephanie is committed to using her God-given talents to impact the world.