Fundraising Campaign - New Single and Music Video!


Fundraiser Dates: May 15th-June 14th, 2019


$890 Raised of $8,000 Goal

About This Project

My Vision

I appreciate that so many of you have been asking for more content, and I am excited to announce that I have written the right song for my next single! This song has a lot of passion and energy, and I have an awesome vision for a music video too! I also want to hire a publicist to help with a three-month PR campaign surrounding this release in order to secure national press and media coverage.

Why This Fundraiser?

I am launching this 30-day fundraising campaign to financially make this vision come to life.  I do work and have a part time job that helps pay the bills.  The rest of my time I spend pursuing music opportunities, whether that’s writing new songs and developing my craft, booking shows, or taking industry meetings.  As a rising independent artist, this means that I do not have a record label or sponsor funding my music expenses, and I’m putting in a lot of sweat equity!  At this stage in my career, I am not making extra money to fund future projects and new content.  Because streaming music has become much more popular in recent years and people don’t buy music as often, the music industry has changed from a business standpoint. Record labels now want to see that an artist has built her own loyal and national fan base before offering a record deal.  I really believe that this song and music video will bring us much closer to making this happen, so I need your help to make this project a reality.

How the Funds Will Be Used

  • Recording - I am very thankful to be working with a team of incredibly-talented individuals who will help bring these dreams to life! For this recording process, the funds will cover costs for production, programming, musicians, and mixing.

  • Distribution - Once the music is completed recorded and mixed, it will be ready to release! There are fees associated with copyrighting the recordings and distributing the music to digital retailers.

  • Music Video - I have an awesome vision for the music video for this song! I am working with a very talented videographer to create a music video that I believe will be very captivating.

  • PR Campaign - Up until this point in my career, I have handled all of my own promotion. Hiring a publicist as part of my team for a three-month PR campaign surrounding the single and music video releases will help take my artist journey to the next level, as a publicist will help secure national media and press coverage.

  • Additional Funds - If we raise more than $8,000, I promise to use all money directly for promotion and additional content!

My Game Plan

Provided all funds are raised, I plan to record the single and film the music video this summer for an early fall 2019 release!

Risks and Challenges

The main challenge is raising the entire $8,000. The entire amount is needed to bring this single, music video, and PR campaign to life, so I really need your help in order to make this project successful! Other than that, there are very few risks involved! My team is strategically and thoroughly planning in order to allow for timely release of this new content. I cannot wait for you to hear and see the finished product of what you are helping to create!


  • When will I receive my giving rewards?

    Following the conclusion of the 30-day fundraiser, Stephanie will personally reach out regarding your rewards (to schedule your video chats, live performances, etc.). The rewards will be delivered in a timely manner during the production stages.

  • How secure is it to donate to this Fundraising Campaign?

    Our payments partner, Stripe, meets and exceeds the most strict industry security standards. Read about Stripe’s secure infrastructure here.

  • For additional questions, please feel free to fill out a Contact Form.

Giving Rewards


You will receive a personalized email from me to thank you for being such an important part of this journey!


You will receive a digital download of my single on the day it is released!

  • Includes: Personalized Thank You Email

Give $50 or more - VIDEO CHAT

It would be an honor to meet you and hear part of your story! We will set up a 5-minute video chat on your preferred video chat platform (Instagram, Facebook Messenger, or Skype).

  • Includes: Digital Single Download, Personalized Thank You Email


As part of our 10-minute video chat, I will also perform live! You can choose your favorite song from my EP, and I will sing it for you!

  • Includes: Video Chat, Digital Single Download, Personalized Thank You Email

Give $250 or more - BEHIND-THE-SCENES ACCESS

You will receive exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and videos of the single recording sessions and music video filming sessions! These photos and videos will not be posted to social media but will only be shared with backers!

  • Includes: Video Chat Live Performance, Video Chat, Digital Single Download, Personalized Thank You Email


During the music video filming sessions, I will video chat you individually for 10 minutes to show you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the production process!

  • Includes: Behind-the-Scenes Access, Video Chat Live Performance, Video Chat, Digital Single Download, Personalized Thank You Email

Give $1,000 or more - FREE SHOW TICKET AND MEET & GREET

You will receive a free ticket to one of my shows, and you will get to hang with me for 30 minutes backstage! If you are not local to Nashville or another area where I am performing, I will live stream you during one of my shows so that you can watch the whole live performance, and we can then video chat for another 30 minutes to hang out!

  • Includes: Music Video Shoot Session, Behind-the-Scenes Access, Video Chat Live Performance, Video Chat, Digital Single Download, Personalized Thank You Email